MEDIA RELEASE: Secrets of Scale - Event #1 (Powered by Entrepreneur Magazine & MESH Club)

MEDIA RELEASE: Secrets of Scale - Event #1 (Powered by Entrepreneur Magazine & MESH Club)



The first leg of the Secrets of Scale series dabbled into the burning questions that entrepreneurs must ask themselves before making the crucial decision of scaling their businesses.

Writer: Levi Letsoko

The first instalment of Secrets of Scale web-series facilitated on the Matt Brown Show, powered by leading business publication Entrepreneur Magazine, got off to a great start at Mesh Club in Rosebank on Thursday evening.

Equally attracting established and aspiring entrepreneurs – the series was loaded with highly instrumental insights for everyone in attendance including audiences who caught the web-series’ live broadcast online.

Under the stewardship of the gracious host Matt Brown, the series intrigued the audiences with a stunning line up of speakers – all of whom are highly experienced and equally obsessed with the hot topic of scaling.

Joining the conversation through a live video interaction, Rich Mulholland shared his understanding of the concept of scaling and the reasons why he believes it works for certain businesses and not so much for others. And more importantly why he has not yet pursued this phenomenon.

Mulholland definition of scaling is “although I haven’t personally scaled my businesses, I believe scaling is a fashionable word for growth.”

A renowned author, speaker and founder of The Missing Link, Mulholland is known to local and global audiences for giving TED Talks on topics ranging from perfecting sales pitches to the importance of having a unique approach when undertaking your business processes.

Adding on to the evening’s conversation all the way from the United States of America (through the world’s eighth wonder – technology) was Howard Mann, the author of The Business Brickyard.

“Every business owner and entrepreneur is generally fascinated with growth. The danger here is that scaling cannot be growth for the sake of growth. There has to be more to it,” says Mann.

A well-established business advisor, author and strategist, Mann has worked hand in hand with numerous entrepreneurs and business owners to help them overcome some of the most tedious challenges they faced in business. With experience spanning into almost two decades – his views about scaling turned out to be very enlightening for most in attendance.

As a live speaker in the venue, the third Master of Scale for the evening was Allon Raiz, who is very well known for his business accomplishments through Raizcorp and the very prolific insights he shared in some of his books (including Lose The Business Plan).

The go-to-guy when it comes to business incubation in this part of the world, Raiz added the much revered perspective to the subject of scale. Equally passionate about the process it involves, the Raizcorp founder delved into his personal experiences that makes him favour scaling as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Responding to Brown’s question on why he never gets tired of scaling businesses and the reasons why he still aspires to scale more businesses, Raiz mentioned that “I love quoting a very good friend of mine who is also in business who always says that it took him 27 years to achieve his overnight success and he is right.”

“At my age, scaling businesses that have the ability to scale is very important,” enthuses Raiz.

The exchange between the three business minds, moderated by Matt Brown, covered questions ranging from the differences between businesses that scale successfully and those that don’t. The importance of context, in terms of how different countries and markets affect the process of scaling a business and how they can disadvantage the process.

The three gentlemen revised how the different countries view the idea of scaling from one part of the world to another.

Entrepreneurs and business owners who attended the first instalment represented a variety of business sectors ranging from technology to agriculture – and each one of them was glued to their seats until the conclusion of the session.


Part 1 – Fundamentals of Scale

In this session we land some fundamentals that every entrepreneur should know before they start to scale their business. We share insights and principles related to scale, why the entrepreneur is the single biggest barrier to scale and much, much more.

Part 2 – Formulas to scale (How to scale any market)

In this session, we will reveal proven formulas to scale across for any business in any market and Clive, Benji and Keet share practical “how to” steps that you can apply right now to start scaling your business.

Part 3 – Barriers to Scale

Every “scalepreneur” will face barriers and challenges as they start to scale their business We discuss what the most common barriers are and how entrepreneurs can overcome them and much, much, more.




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