Live From New York City with Nathan Stevenson, CEO Forward Lane - The Matt Brown Show powered by Digital Kungfu.

New York. New York is always a good idea – especially if you want perspective on your own business. My agency Digital Kungfu, recently landed a client in New York called Forward Lane a heavily funded fintech startup that is making waves in the AI and financial intelligence space here in the states.

The great thing about New York is that is puts your own hustle into perspective – you see, you could be forgiven to think that building a business in Africa is completely different to building a business in a developed economy like New York but you’d be wrong. I spent the past week in New York connecting with startups at the Barclays Techstars program and spent time interviewing and connecting with the heads of investment banks, venture capitalists and fintech investors.

What was striking was that we all face the same challenges. Growth, scale, funding, product market fit, innovation, customer experiences and disruption are equally important in developed economies like New York as they are in South Africa and anywhere else in the world. In this episode of the Matt Brown Show I chat to my good friend Nathan Stevenson, the CEO of Forward Lane about his journey raising capital in the US and in China and we share insights into the current state of the startup ecosystem here in New York.





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