Joey Evans, From Paraplegic To Dakar [Sponsored by Entrepreneur Magazine]

As entrepreneurs, we are typically working towards something – a vision of some kind – in most cases it is about obtaining more freedom, more status, more success; whatever success looks like to you. And as we pursue success, life has a habit of gifting us experiences and situations that we cannot control. Sometimes these situations are overwhelmingly positive but sometimes they challenge us to become more than what we are as businesses but most importantly, they force us to grow as people.

When Joey Evans was told, he would never walk again, the vision and success he had been working towards was seemingly taken away from him in an instant.

You know, when your dreams have cost you so much, dreaming a new dream takes great courage. But that’s exactly what he did, and it culminated in Joey completing the Dakar rally, a gruelling 8,782 kms or 5,462 miles – a feat that only a handful of South African’s have achieved ever.

There are so many powerful lessons here for entrepreneurs, and that is why I am thrilled to share with you this incredible story of one man who pursued his dreams, despite what life threw at him and a journey that would ultimately test the absolute limits of physical endurance and emotional fortitude.



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