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Anyone who says throwing an event is easy hasn’t thrown an event before.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve put many hours into planning and co-ordinating your event, but you have run out of time to think about producing content around your event. The good news is that most event organisers fall into this trap – between co-ordinating speakers, trying to make ticket sales, dealing with venues and sponsors (and that’s a very short list!) there just isn’t enough time to worry about content too.

And that is where we come in…

What We Do and How We Do It

We create branded content (videos, podcasts, conference openers, photos, presentation designs & live streaming to social media) to support your desired event experience and intended outcomes.

The content we produce documents the event experience, captures the testimonials of delegates and the keynotes of your speakers and we stitch everything together to create content that positions your event as a market leader and content which can be used for re-marketing of future events and brand or relationship building with delegates and sponsors.


Take A Look At Some of Our Work – Case Study

Sanofi Aventis wanted us to produce digital content related to the launch of a new diabetic drug called Toujeo. We produced a range of high-quality digital content for their events and the campaign.

We produced over a dozen on-demand content assets for their campaign – take a quick look at some of the work we produced below.

Conference/event theme setter

Post event wrap-up/video

We Have Worked With

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If you would like us to help document the story about your event you can contact us here.