Bob Skinstad - Partner, Knife Capital [The Matt Brown Show]

So, as entrepreneurs and business leaders, being able to unlock growth is a key focus in what we do. Yet, many of us are seemingly stuck in the trenches every day taking grenades, and we don’t get the time or space to work on our businesses so that we can identify the things that truly can 10x our value in the marketplace.

For me principles are a great place to start, and one of the principles is the 8020 principle. Now, the 8020 principle is one of the most powerful success secrets in the world — but provided you implement it. Most people have heard of it, few put it into action.

So, I reached out to Bob Skinstad in London – Bob is re-energising an age- old principle by sharing a collection of real-life examples from highly successful people of 8020 in action. In this episode, we unpack the meat and the potatoes of how to implement high growth initiatives like the 8020 principle and explore powerful concepts like marginal gains used by the Sky cycling team.

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